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Testing Services

HI-TEST is the only commercial facility in the country to offer all NAVSEA approved
MIL-S 901D shock testing facilities with 24/7 support. We offer complete test support with our reputable and experienced team of engineers, instrumentation technicians, craftsmen and support staff, including design, fabrication and installation of test fixtures, as well as equipment repairs and modifications.

Standard MIL Testing services include:

  • MIL-S-901D Shock Testing
  • Standard & Intermediate Heavyweight Barges
  • Medium Weight & Lightweight Machines
  • Large Displacement Shock Simulator
  • MIL-STD-167 Vibration Testing
  • 3 vibration tables, each able to perform testing from 4-50 Hz
  • Largest table has a 70,000 lb. payload capacity

In addition to our standard testing, HI-TEST also conducts customized and unique test programs on our exclusive testing facilities and vehicles:

  • Underwater Explosion Testing
  • Paddlewheel Test Vehicle
  • Submarine Underwater Test Vehicle
  • Grounding & Impact Testing
  • Weapons Effects Testing
  • Inclination Testing (Pitch & Roll)
  • MIL-STD-740 Noise Testing (Airborne & Structureborne)
  • At-Sea Ship Shock Trials Support
  • Explosive Effects (Bubble Studies)
  • Mine Countermeasure Experiments
  • Mine Neutralization Experiments
  • On-site Instrumentation
  • High-Speed Photography

View our Test Vehicle Specs.

Prior to testing, our team designs and fabricates necessary test fixtures, develops test procedures, designs instrumentation plans and designs shock isolation systems and/or conducts shock isolation system evaluations. HI-TEST team members install your equipment, electrical power, auxiliary services and instrumentation. Our testing facility is outfitted with large capacity cranes, a machine shop, extensive instrumentation services, fully equipped observation offices and spacious conference rooms for your convenience. Following testing, HI-TEST will deliver test reports complete with plotted data, detailed test results and photos of the test set-up, along with any instances of damage and modifications.

To request a quote for testing services please complete our RFQ sheet. You may submit your RFQ online or email it to quotes@hitestlabs.com.


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