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Advanced Propulsor Acquisition and Manufacturing

HI-TEST personnel have performed engineering design, development, and fabrication oversight of various US Navy advanced propulsor programs since 1996. We maintained configuration management and performed technical evaluation of LSV-sized developmental propulsors during the Pre-Virginia Class design and build program that lead to the eventual adoption of the Virginia Class Propulsor Design. HI-TEST continues to provide technical evaluation and configuration management of as-built Virginia Class propulsors. We also provide technical and management expertise to new propulsor developmental efforts such as the DARPA Hybrid Multi-Material Rotor Program.

Finite Element Analysis
HI-TEST has performed finite element analysis of Navy-designed rotor blade shipping and handling fixtures. Models were created and loads input based on the Air Transportability Test Loading Agency guidelines for tiedown and restraint of cargo on USAF cargo aircraft. Feedback was provided to the Navy resulting in design changes to the fixtures that allow them to withstand the required loading based on the largest blade that the fixture was intended to handle.

Configuration Control and Management
HI-TEST uses databases and tools developed by the Navy's Advanced Propulsor Manufacturing Office to track and document both design changes and manufacturing variations between each individual propulsor shipset for the Virginia Class Submarines. We help the Propulsor Office adjudicate design, production, and manufacturing issues using the Configuration Control Request system tool and track the results for implementation into propulsor drawing revisions. Revisions to each propulsor component drawing are then reviewed for accuracy and completeness.

HI-TEST also creates and maintains databases documenting contract purchases by shipset as well as a master list of specifications required by propulsor drawings.

Quality Assurance of Delivered Propulsor Components
HI-TEST, working as part of the Propulsor Manufacturing Office Team, periodically reviews propulsor hardware as it is being manufactured to ensure part quality remains intact. We also perform hands-on inspections of finished parts before they are shipped for submarine installation to ensure they meet all physical attribute requirements that allow each part to meet the higher level structural, hydrodynamic, and acoustic requirements for a VA Class propulsor System.

Advanced Propeller Design
HI-TEST, as part of the Goodrich team, is developing DARPA's advanced Hybrid Multi-Material Rotor (HMMR) design. We are performing laminate and interface joint designs using finite element methods that predict how a multi-material rotor will perform during real-world maneuvers while meeting the US Navy's requirements for weight, cost, and multi-disciplinary performance.

Propulsor Scale-Model UNDEX Testing
HI-TEST has performed shock qualification testing on scaled Propulsors as part of the shock qualification efforts for full-scale propulsor designs. We used the Scale Model Test Vehicle (SMTV) to test the performance of the propulsor under both direct shock and whipping conditions.

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Scale Model Test Vehicle


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